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Dr. Amos C. Y. CHEUNG

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), HKU
Bachelor of Social Work, HKU

Clinical Psychologist in Accredited Register, Department of Health, HKGOV

Registered Clinical Psychologist (DCP, HKPS)

Fellow, The Hong Kong Psychological Society

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, HKU

Adjunct Assistant Professor, SWSA, HKU

President, The Hong Kong Psychological Society (2013-14, 2017-19)

Chair, Division of Clinical Psychology, HKPS (2014-17)

Vice President, The Hong Kong Psychological Society (2019-24)

Focusing Coordinator in Training, Focusing Trainer, International Focusing Institute

Registered Social Worker

Dr. Amos CHEUNG is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist who obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of Hong Kong. Before establishing his practice, he worked as a clinical psychologist in the Hospital Authority and as a Research Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong. He is still currently a Lecturer for the Clinical Psychology Program at The University of Hong Kong.


Amos is specialized in working with the depressed and anxious across all age range, with families facing issues of death and bereavement, and the mental health issues specifically related to the geriatric population. He also has expertise in conducting neuropsychological assessment and forensic evaluation. Amos is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Focusing Therapy (Person-Centered Therapy), and Satir Model Family Therapy.


Another area of therapy that Dr. Amos CHEUNG is interested in is Energy Therapy.  He is a Certified Phase Three practitioner of Magnified Healing.


Dr. Amos CHEUNG is the Past President of the Hong Kong Psychological Society (2013-14, 2017-19) and Past Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology, the Hong Kong Psychological Society (2014-2017).


The Difference Between "Clinical Psychologists" and "Psychiatrists"


What is the difference between a recommendation from a Clinical Psychologist and a recommendation from a Psychiatrist? What is the role and position of these two professions in Hong Kong?

Firstly, it is important to clarify that there is no profession called a "psychological doctor" in the real world. Although this term is frequently used in movies and TV dramas to describe highly skilled professionals who solve mysterious cases, it is not a recognized profession in the field of mental health. Instead, professionals who provide similar mental health treatments are typically referred to as either Clinical Psychologists or Psychiatrists.

In Hong Kong, the title "psychological doctor" does not exist, and recommendations from individuals using this title or their representation should not be considered.

Differences between "Psychologist" and "Clinical Psychologist"


After clarifying the misconception about the term "psychological doctor", another question arises! What exactly is the nature of the work of a clinical psychologist? Can we just call them psychologists without the word "clinical"? What are the differences between psychologists and clinical psychologists? Are there any recommended figures by psychologists?

It can be said that a clinical psychologist is actually a type of psychologist, just as doctors have different specialties such as dermatologists, paediatricians, and so on. Regarding recommendations by psychologists, there are different specialties, such as sports psychologists, forensic psychologists, health psychologists, and others. Dr. Amos Cheung, as a clinical psychologist, deals with appropriate treatment for behaviour disorders and psychological illnesses like anxiety and depression. He performs work such as diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. So when it comes to recommendations by psychologists or "psychiatrist recommendations", it is also important to pay attention to the relevant specialties.

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