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Psychotherapeutic Treatment for Depression


Depression (or melancholia) is one of the mood disorders that is rather prevalent in our modern society.  Our persistent negative emotion will affect the mind, physical condition, and cause changes in behaviour. The specific symptoms and severity of depression vary from person to person. How to distinguish depression from general unhappiness has become the key to proper depression treatment.

Clinically depressed individuals may experience the following symptoms:

  1. Easily feel pessimistic, negative or hopeless

  2. Irritability, restlessness

  3. Suddenly loss of interest in things you originally enjoyed

  4. Constantly feeling sad, depressed, anxious or empty

  5. Constantly feeling difficult to relax, persistent mental stress

  6. Emotional, or easy to lose temper

  7. Memory, concentration, and judgment are greatly reduced

  8. Loss of motivation to work or study, and often feel tired

  9. Difficulty sleeping, insomnia, waking up early or hypersomnia

  10. Unable to cope with what could have been handled

  11. Sudden changes of appetite or weight

  12. Self-imposed social isolation

  13. Constantly have a sense of helplessness, unreasonable guilt, and inescapable uselessness

  14. Thoughts of seeking death or suicide attempt

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The symptoms and severity of depression vary from person to person. Professional clinical assessment and diagnosis are needed to figure out the true cause.  Appropriate and timely treatment for depression should be addressed as soon as possible for best treatment outcome.



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